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A Few Fun Facts

Challenge creates rally point for fans

Late-night Skype video chat


Click HERE for our late-night Skype video chat

This is my favorite thing we’ve done with the campaign so far!!

Hannah’s mom, and my aunt, Cinda Boshart told us about Screencast.com, this awesome Web site that lets you take videos of whatever is happening on your desktop and you can then view them online!

So, since I’m in Austin and Hannah is in Denton, we might not get to see each other before we leave on April 23 for our audition, which means we won’t be able to make a video of the two of us together for you guys to see.

However, we really wanted everyone who doesn’t know us to be able to see us interacting and see how much fun we have together. This is also a great way for us to give you our thoughts on the campaign and update you on the day’s news. So, tonight, well, technically this morning, we decided to have a Skype video chat. Unfortunately I cannot embed the video on the blog, but just click below to see our conversation.

Late-night Skype video chat

The video is just under 5 minutes long, and it takes a little while for the site to finish buffering, but just give it some time, because trust me, it’s well worth it.

Thanks guys! And remember, spread the word!

More fan videos!

Check out some more of our awesome fans on YouTube! They’re on our Videos page as well.