“THE Hannah”

So, I think this is pretty hilarious. Since I’ve been maintaining the blog and doing all the video updates, we have found that some of our followers feel like they don’t know Hannah as well. So, in an effort to help you get to know BOTH of our team members, Hannah recorded this video blog.

It’s really funny guys, you definitely need to check it out. Hannah’s own friends asked her if she was THE Hannah from “The Case for Hannah and Grace to be on The Amazing Race!” How great is that?!

What’s even better is that I went to Denton last Thursday night and met many of Hannah’s friends who play volleyball with her every Thursday night, and they remembered me and knew I was THE Grace, but weren’t sure if their friend, Hannah Boshart, was in fact, THE Hannah! ha HA! This story will never get old.

So, America, I would like to introduce you to Hannah. Everyone say hello.

Oh, and to clarify, when Hannah says we’ll be in Chicago a week from today, she just means we’ll be driving to Chicago next Thursday. The actual audition is a week from tomorrow (Friday April 24).  Wish us luck, and spread the word!


3 responses to ““THE Hannah”

  1. Hannah Boshart

    Um…Grace, #1 I officially hate you for picking that thumbnail.

    Okay, now that we have that out of the way…

    I would like to point out that if you scroll down our blog page and look at the screen shots at the beginning of each movie, you’ll probably think we ARE crazy! Haha! Total nerds.

    …and Grace, I think you should seriously consider changing the thumbnail on this one…

  2. That’s not the thumbnail I picked. I don’t know why YouTube is being funky.

    And I would like to point out that I look ridiculous in every thumbnail. ha ha.

    Yes, people must think we’re crazies. But hey, it makes for good TV!

  3. This is fun! Y’all would be perfect for the show!!!!
    Good luck in Chicago!!

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