Lawson records a song for us!

Lawson puts Brenda’s poem to music in this video! Earlier this week Brenda wrote us a poem and posted it on the wall of our Facebook group. So, Lawson decided to make it into a rockin’ song to help us make our case for The Amazing Race!

We just want to thank everyone who’s helped us spread the word about our campaign. It’s been so great to see how all our friends have used their talents and their networks to help us create some buzz around out audition this Friday!

Keep up the good work guys, and keep spreading the word!

Here are the lyrics to the song by Brenda Morris:

“This is the tale of Hannah and Grace

Who set out to compete on The Amazing Race!
With ponytails, backpacks and dazzling smiles

They sailed thru the challenges and clicked off the miles
CBS was delighted as their ratings grew

And thanked their stars they had chosen these two
These 2 Texas cousins – Miss Hannah, Miss Grace

The fiercest competitors of The Amazing Race!
This April in Chicago this tale will come true

Good Luck Hannah and Grace we’re all rooting for you!”


One response to “Lawson records a song for us!

  1. It won’t play for me!! All the other vidoes are though.

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