The numbers are HUGE! CBS, you’d be crazy not to put us on TAR 15!

Fast Facts:

The campaign launched April 13 at 8 a.m. and by 10 p.m. April 19, just under a week later, there were:

•    1,005 Facebook group members
•    91 wall posts on the Facebook group
•    22 YouTube videos
•    1,336 YouTube views
•    more than 2,098 blog views
•    17 blog comments
•    85 tweets relating to our campaign to get on the race
•    4 outside blogs linking to ours

Fans have shown their support by:

•    Creating and distributing a Facebook bumper sticker featuring Hannah and Grace’s logo for the campaign
•    Making the logo their Facebook profile picture
•    Creating a poll on the CBS Fans/Forums page to get CBS’ attention
•    Creating a poll on Facebook
•    Writing poems and songs
•    Recording and uploading videos to YouTube, making their case for Hannah and Grace to be on the race
•    Contacting local news media or sending Hannah and Grace their contacts


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