Daily Archives: April 21, 2009

Hannah’s lunch break

hannahs-lunch-breakEver wonder what Hannah does on her lunch break? Check out this short note she leaves for everyone.


Poor thing, she’s being a trooper and taking a stats test early (tonight) so that we can leave tomorrow night for Chicago. Part of the reason you haven’t heard from her in a while is that she’s been so busy with school work, and unlike me (as far as my dad is concerned) she is making school a priority over this campaign…pssshhhh). Ha ha.

I also had to move a presentation up. I was originally going to present this Thursday, but instead moved it to today for the race auditions.

I tell you CBS, we mean business. You better put us on the race!

Funniest videos EVER! Watch me lose it on camera :)

First off, here’s the news:

Everyone check out Michael Barnes’ blog, Out & About! He’s doing a blog post with one of our YouTube videos today!

Also join our Facebook cause and MySpace cause, thanks to our new friend Amber! Follow her on Twitter!

Also! Vote Yes for Hannah and Grace to be on TAR 15 and post replies on Facebook and CBS!

Wish Hannah good luck on her Stats test this evening! Call, text, tweet or facebook her. She’ll really appreciate it!

Now on to the fun stuff. The videos speak for themselves. Be sure to watch all four, they’re HILARIOUS! I laugh uncontrollably every time I watch them. I love you, Megan.




“SUCCESS! Take that MEGAN!”

Joel’s Top 5 Reasons for Hannah and Grace to be on The Amazing Race!

Ok, so I literally laughed OUT LOUD when I saw this video of our friend Joel giving the top 5 reasons Hannah and Grace should be on The Amazing Race! This may be my favorite fan video thus far…HILARIOUS!

Keep ’em comin’ guys! We love ’em! Y’all are GREAT! Couldn’t do it without you!