EVERYONE: @REPLY @cbs2chicago B/W 12-2 p.m. WED!

Watch the video for more info!

Possible Tweet options:

@cbs2chicago-Tell @PhilKeoghan and @cbsnews to put @hboshart & @gracekelso on TAR15! They’d make for great TV! http://bit.ly/QlqC2 #hg-race

@cbs2chicago-STORY IDEA-UT PR student uses Twitter to get on TAR15. Coverage: blog-http://bit.ly/XbGBd & print- http://bit.ly/ElPDg #hg-race

@cbs2chicago Find @hboshart and @gracekelso when they audition for TAR15 on 4/24! Check out their story http://bit.ly/GDIuM #hg-race

@cbs2chicago-STORY IDEA-TX Cousins & PR students launch campaign to get on TAR15. Explosive growth in 1 wk! http://bit.ly/QlqC2 #hg-race


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