Daily Archives: April 28, 2009

Welcome to Crazytown. Population: Hannah & Grace

So, we just found out about an audition in the Dallas area this Saturday, May 2. And guess who is crazy enough to give it another shot?

That’s right, none other than Hannah and Grace. You only thought you were done with us! Looks like we’ll still be needing everyone’s help. Watch the blog for more updates and how you can help!

Thanks! (And don’t miss all the videos I just uploaded from this weekend! Be sure to check out my previous few posts and have a laugh on me)

Adventures in Chicago on Friday & Saturday


Millenium Park: The Bean.

White Sox Game:


Navigational skills:

Just got drenched:

Be a man, Joel! (Carry Grace’s purse)


Us at the casino. Waiting.


Dad pretending he’s going to go gamble away all his money. Ha HA! Yeah right!

(Dad did not, I repeat did NOT do any gambling on this trip. I don’t think he ever has for that matter, not even a poker game…he was just trying to be funny.)

More waiting. Hannah’s worn out.

Line starts HERE.


Even MORE WAITING! We’re No. 4 in line!


Us with PHIL!!! (sort of)


More videos from the trip! (Friday)

Check out Hannah’s navigational skills. Dad still doesn’t trust tomtom.

In this video we’ve just arrived at my uncle’s house in Oak Park. Watch my face, then watch my dad’s. It’s ridiculous. And HILARIOUS.

This is us getting all our application materials printed off and assembled for the race auditions!