Us at the casino. Waiting.


Dad pretending he’s going to go gamble away all his money. Ha HA! Yeah right!

(Dad did not, I repeat did NOT do any gambling on this trip. I don’t think he ever has for that matter, not even a poker game…he was just trying to be funny.)

More waiting. Hannah’s worn out.

Line starts HERE.


Even MORE WAITING! We’re No. 4 in line!


Us with PHIL!!! (sort of)



2 responses to “CHICAGO CASTING CALL!

  1. That’s good work being #4 in line. Did they give you any indication as to when you would be notified if you were selected?

  2. Well, they didn’t let us audition actually. Some of the newer posts explain that a little better, but since I wasn’t 21, the casino security refused to let me in…
    such a bummer!

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