Monthly Archives: May 2009

Dallas auditions canceled

So, quickly, because I’m supposed to be studying right now, I wanted to give everyone a heads up on what on earth is going on with us.

Here’s the deal:

#1. Travel to Chicago to audition. Auditions held at a casino.

#2. Kicked out of casino. Not allowed to audition because I’m not 21 (birthday June 14, 1988) and they won’t let me step foot on the casino floor to audition-apparently they get fined $100,000 if an under 21 year-old enters the casino floors.

#3. Have a fabulous time hanging out with my family in Chicago and exploring my favorite city.

#4. Find out about auditions in Dallas (North Richland Hills) May 2.

#5. Deccide to go to May 2 auditions.

#6. Decide not to go to May 2 auditions because of my group projects. Refuse to bail on my groups again this weekend.

#7. Inform groups of my decision. Ordered to go to audition by groups. (They’re so great! So supportive! Love you guys- Evan, Archana, Annie, Nazli, Zane, Brandon, Blakeley, Joseph, Dustin & Spencer!)

#8. Call Hannah. Tell her the audition is back on.

#9. Hannah gets call from her dad. Saw on the news that audition is canceled.

#10. Check internet to confirm/deny cancellation. Confirmed.


So lame. So, we didn’t audition today in Dallas (canceled). We have no idea why they canceled them or if they will in fact reschedule them. At this point, we’re content with whatever happens. If they don’t hold an audition in Dallas, we had a good run, if they do, we’ll go and see what happens.

I’m so sorry I haven’t been able to update the blog this week. It’s been a crazy busy week, and I need to make sure that I do in fact graduate this semester, so I figured it was time to put the race campaigning on hold for a bit.

I’ll give a full debriefing on what I’ve learned throughout this process, the final stats of the campaign, and where my head is at after all this insanity, once I’m done with all my schoolwork. This probably won’t be until next week. My last day of class is Friday May 8, so after that I’m FREEEE, and will tell you all about this crazy adventure.

Hope all is well with you guys, and will keep you posted as soon as I get a second to breathe.

Again, thanks so so SO much for all your love and support. I just can’t tell you what it means to me.