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Facebook Bumper Sticker

I love that I can still find remnants of our campaign on friends’ Facebook profiles and Twitter accounts. I found this one from my friend Evan today, and it made me smile.

Thanks Evan, you’re the best 🙂


Official Update

Well, it has been entirely too long since I’ve given an update and Hannah and I still constantly have people asking us what ever happened with all our Amazing Race craziness, so I figured it was time I give an official update/wrap-up explaining what went down.

Right before we went to camp out for the audition back in April

Right before we went to camp out for the audition back in April

(Be sure to check out the videos at the bottom of this post)

The dilemma:

1. I was not 21 at the time of the Chicago audition (I just turned 21 June 14) and since the audition was held at a casino, the casino manager refused to let me step foot onto the carpet (their is a law in Illinois that states that if anyone under 21 steps foot on the casino carpet, they get fined $100,000-and you had to cross the casino floor to get to the room where auditions were being held).

2. We discover another audition to be held a few weeks later in North Richland Hills (not at a casino this time) and decide to go to it. It was then canceled due to the swine flu outbreak in the area.

3. North Richland Hills audition is re-scheduled for May 23, which just so happened to be my graduation day. We would have gone except my parents had already bought plane tickets to come and see my graduation. Figures.

The campaign’s benefits:

1. Everyone should be able to be a little crazy and spontaneous at least once in their lives. We took some risks, went with our gut and never gave up.

2. We got to spend a wonderful weekend in Chicago, one of my favorite cities (Hannah had never been)! We had an absolute blast, and got to spend some great time with my family in Oak Park while we were there.

3. We got to put into practice all the things we’ve been learning about in college, and actually see our campaign work. Granted, we didn’t get on the show, but we set out to brand ourselves as an excellent team for The Amazing Race, and we did just that! This is evident by all the people who now know us as the crazy Amazing Race girls and constantly ask us how the auditions went – My academic advisor even asked me about the auditions at my graduation as I was waiting to cross the stage! Hannah’s friends always ask her what happened, and I get asked by a new person at least once a week how things went.

4. I made some excellent connections with my professors, deans of UT’s College of Communication, department heads within the college, as well as marketing executives at local businesses. I was able to expand my professional network and strengthen relationships with experts in the PR and Advertising fields, and I would not have been able to do that otherwise.

The numbers:

The campaign launched April 13 at 8 a.m. and by April 30, just over two weeks later, there were:
•   1,353 Facebook group members
•    146 wall posts on the Facebook group
•   1 note by The University Co-op on its fan page
•    61 YouTube videos
•    3,903 YouTube views
•    4 YouTube Subscribers
•    More than 4,027 blog views
•    38 blog comments
•     More than 305 tweets relating to the campaign
•    At least 5 outside blogs linking to Hannah and Grace’s blog
•    3 news features over the campaign:;;
•   1 blog post by a major newspaper reporter:

Fans have shown their support by:
•    Creating and distributing a Facebook bumper sticker featuring Hannah and Grace’s logo for the campaign
•    Making the logo their Facebook profile picture
•    Creating a poll on the CBS Fans/Forums page to get CBS’ attention
•    Creating a poll on Facebook
•    Creating a cause on Facebook
•    Creating a cause on MySpace
•    Writing poems and songs
•    Recording and uploading videos to YouTube, making their case for Hannah and Grace to be on the race
•   Contacting local news media or sending Hannah and Grace their contacts

The next step:

Hannah and I are doing well. I’m enjoying being my summer off and the fact that I am now a Texas Ex (Hook ’em Horns!), and Hannah is not enjoying summer school. She’s taking two years worth of Spanish in two summer sessions. Needless to say she’s pretty busy. It will all be worth it for her though when she graduates in August instead of December like she originally thought.

Hannah is currently looking for a PR/Marketing job in the Dallas area. I on the other hand, will be moving to Naples, Italy in the October! I will be going through the IMB’s Journeyman program and will likely be teaching English and auditing some classes at one of the universities in Naples. I will be there for two years.

As far as The Amazing Race goes, if the still have it in two years when I’m back from Italy, we’ll definitely give it another shot! You haven’t seen the last of us CBS! Get ready! Hannah and Grace for The Amazing Race 2011! – Well, we’ll see 🙂