Our Story

We're on a race!

We're on a race!

It has been my dream to be on The Amazing Race since it premiered in September 2001. But, since I was only 13 at the time, I had little hope that I would ever get a chance to compete on the show, since I thought it would surely be canceled before my 21st birthday (minimum age for eligibility to participate in the race).

So, I watched and I waited. I never thought the day would come when I would actually have a shot at getting on the show, but much to my delight, that day is fast approaching! On April 24, WBBM-TV, the local CBS affiliate in Chicago, will be holding an open casting call, and you better believe I will be there!

But don’t worry, I’m not going alone. My cousin and best friend, Hannah, is going to be my partner on this adventure! For years we’ve joked about doing the race together, and now we finally have a chance to audition-and we wouldn’t miss it for the world!




4 responses to “Our Story

  1. Patty Hendricks

    I’m pullin’ for ya. I would watch the show if you were on it!!!!!

  2. Ill be watching for you!

  3. Hey…Mrs.Boshart is our librairian and I just wanted to say GOOD LUCK!! I hope u make it!! =)

  4. Best of luck to you both! Although I do not think you will need it. You two will get on the show and blow those other teams out of the water. And I will watch every episode.

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