Hannah’s Story

Hannah. Is. Awesome.

Hannah. Is. Awesome.

Hannah is definitely the more creative one of this pair of competitors. She has a flair for the artistic and loves trying new things. Spontaneity is always her aim, though she often settles for planning to do something spontaneous tomorrow.

Ever the outdoorswoman, she loves hiking, camping, swimming, and most of all, flying kites. Though she hates running, she will go for a short jog with you if you will agree to fly a kite or toss a Frisbee with her.

Hannah comes from one of the sweetest families you’ll ever meet. The Boshart clan is always up for a good time, and knows how to throw a rockin’ party. As a result, Hannah has become quite the event planner. With five sisters, two brothers, two brothers-in-law, two nieces and two nephews, there’s never a dull moment around the Boshart house.

A bit ADD at times, Hannah is a blast to be around. Her sarcasm is part of her charm and her smile is infectious. She’s currently studying public relations at the University of North Texas in Denton and was set to graduate in August until we decided to apply for The Amazing Race! (She figures the race would be worth pushing back graduation a bit-I’ll say!)

Hannah loves Jesus and loves those around her. She’s my best friend and the perfect racing partner for me!

We're on a race!

We're on a race!


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